'We drive this Jesus bus around the country'

COOS BAY, Ore. - You've heard the phrase hell on wheels?

Well, for the past week, something massive has been driving around Coos Bay that has people saying, "Oh, Jesus."

"We drive this Jesus bus around the country mostly to beaches, parks and skateboard parks and Walmarts and McDonalds," said traveling preacher Cass Sowinski, "and we tell people about Jesus and how easy it is to get saved."

Driving around on rims of gold so some day people can walks the streets of gold is Sowinski's mission. His focus for the past week has been Coos Bay.

He plans to head up the coast to Florence later this week.

"I'm an evangelist," he said, "and with the bus doing the job of just shining the sign about Jesus' love, I don't have to knock on doors, chase people around. I just hang around my bus with my dog and we play a lot."

Sowinski said that during his career he has successfully ministered to 51 people who are curious about the bus.

Aside from selling religious t-shirts for gas money, many Christians donate food and funds to keep him going.