Watch: Thunderstorms light up night skies over Hawaii

The Canada-France-Hawaii observatory located atop the summit of the 13,800-foot Mauna Kea is there to be a "state of the art astronomical observing facility" and researchers have placed a few web cameras nearby to record the skies at night.

The observatory also posts daily time lapse videos of what their cameras caught.

But not every night in Hawaii is crystal clear -- being a tropical location, they get their share of thunderstorms.

And a storm Sunday night was a good one: (Note, there is a lot of flickering strobe-light-esque flashes in the video below, if you're sensitive to that type of light. There was a lot of close-up lightning.)

More Information:

Still Web Camera -- Note! If you change the switch next to "Guides" to "On", the video amazingly overlays the current constellations over the video
2 Hour Time Lapse
Time lapse video galleries

(Thanks to @Beward28 for enlightening me to this great time lapse resource!)