Warm weather brings an early wine harvest

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- At Tesoaria Winery, they're harvesting a month earlier than usual, and they're giving credit to some good weather for some exceptional grapes.

John Olson, Tesoaria founder & winemaker, says the warm weather helped push up the harvest date. "So far, Fall is showing to be very, very warm, dry," he said. "We've accumulated a lot of heat units and the grapes are just coming off early."

With this year's unexpected weather, Tesoaria staff and volunteers have been working a little harder. "Typically the bottling is done prior to the harvest, but harvest is early," said Olson. "You know, bottling truck is scheduled, so we kind of have both going on at the same time."

And in this case, a little extra work is a good thing. "Good, balanced flavors, good sugars, nice acids," said Olson. "We've brought in about 30 tons of fruit and everything is absolutely exceptional. Should be a really good year."

A hundred tons of fruit are expected to be harvested from this season, with white wines being available sometime in January and red wines about a year later.