Trails at Mount Pisgah re-open to public after closure due to fire danger

Trail map of the Greater Mt. Pisgah area via

EUGENE, Ore. - Trails closed due to fire danger at Lane County's largest public park are now open.

“We are happy to be able to re-open Mount Pisgah trails and reduce our overall fire precaution levels,” said Lane County Parks Manager Mike Russell. “Our parks are wonderful places for residents and visitors and we want people out on our trails and in our campgrounds enjoying themselves and celebrating the last few weeks of summer.”

Mount Pisgah is part of the Howard Buford Recreation Area, the largest park in the county's system.

The county closed all trails at the park September 2 except for those adjacent to the river.

The county asked park visitors "to remain cautious and aware of the potential for wildfire and take necessary steps to help protect parks and open spaces."

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