Snake River boat builders target European markets with new video

LEWISTON, Idaho - Local boat builders have been catering to European markets to generate international sales of their shallow water vessels.

The Snake River Boat Builders Alliance is taking a new approach to their marketing tactics through a recently completed video that showcases the best of what boat companies in the Valley have to offer.

Bruce Larson of the Renaissance Marine Group, one of the nine retailers that make up the alliance, said this new strategy aims to make it easier for European markets to buy and sell the shallow water vessels.

"Establishing either dealerships or ultimate points of retail sale is an education intensive process and that's where this videos will do a great job in terms of attracting the attention of the dealer distributor as well as the end consumer in Europe," said Larson.

The video was created by Jeda Media Group, a local company that took part in the marketing process and traveled up the Clearwater and Snake rivers with the local boating companies.

"This was exciting for Jeda Media to be apart of this video and this project as a whole to help promote the nine different boat manufacturers that we have in the beautiful Northwest," said Jeda Media Group Owner/Producer Jeff Boyer.

Valley Vision Executive Director Doug Mattoon said catering to the European markets through easily accessible technology is pivotal.

"The main reason we're going after these European companies is this is a way that we can import new wealth not only into our country but into our specific community," said Mattoon.

Representatives from The Snake River Boat Builders Alliance, Valley Vision and the Port of Clarkston presented the video to members of the public earlier Thursday evening.

Port of Clarkston Manager Wanda Keefer said funding for the production of the video came from USDA funds and received a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce.