Roseburg park gets a facelift

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Just in time for summer, a Roseburg park got a recent facelift, as a community project is finally finished in Southeast Roseburg.

The Parrot Creek Park is now open for business.

The park was originally built in 1965, and hadn't been upgraded since.

Park officials say the equipment was out of date, and the basketball court's asphalt was so old and worn that playing on it was dangerous.

Basically, the park needed some help. So, a group of people got together to help raise funds for the project.

Now, Parrot Creek Park is reopened with the latest equipment.

Officials hope the new play structures will offer neighbors another place to play. "Parks are really important for everybody for quality of life," said Parks and Recreation Program Manager Barbara Taylor. "Everyone needs a place where they feel safe and that they can go to to recreate, or just sit and relax."

The park also sports picnic tables and cool, shady areas to relax in, which Taylor says makes it a great spot for people of all ages.

The community is welcome to come out and enjoy the brand new park.

There will be a renovation celebration ceremony om Tuesday starting at 1:00 pm.