River rising: Don't forget to check on your boats and pumps

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- The Sheriff's office is reminding peoplpe in our rain-soaked area to keep an eye on those boats or pumps you may have in streams and rivers.

Forecasters say we will be getting a lot of rain over the next few days.

Although they aren't expecting any flooding, local streams and rivers are expected to rise.

The Sheriff's office says the South Umpqua River at Roseburg is forecast to rise 10 feet by Saturday morning, as well as the North Umpqua River at Winchester.

Officials with the Emergency Management Department say small streams will fluctuate more rapidly as the forecasted rains move in.

People who live along streams and rivers should keep a close eye on the weather and stream forecasts.


The Sheriff's Office says that people who live along streams and rivers need to be aware of the conditions and secure any property that they may have in the river, such as boats or water pumps.

Officials say it is also a good time to review your personal preparedness and to understand at what water levels your property may become flooded, or when your access to and from your property is jeopardized due to rising water.