Parties litter reservoir with beer cans

ROSEBURG, Ore. - During the day, Ben Irving Reservoir is a place people come for boating and fishing.

At night, the reservoir can turn into something very different.

"Well, there is a lot of drinking going on," said Lester Gilpatrick. "There are young kids and stuff partying."

Gilpatrick said he was a park maintenance technician 10 years ago. He said he picked up beer cans at the reservoir then - and he still does it now.

Local law enforcement are aware of the problem - and said summer is the worst time of year at the reservoir.

"Underage parties pick up during the summer months," said Dwes Hutson with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. "We start to see them increase in frequency."

Gilpatrick said the parties don't just happen at Ben Irving, and it's not just the younger folks who litter.

He looks on the bright side: He collects the cans and recycles them for money.
to turn in for money.

Hutson encouraged citizens to call the sheriff's office if they see a party going on at night at Ben Irving Reservoir.