Old Christmas trees helping save endangered salmon

CLATSOP COUNTY, Ore. - Sometimes the simplest plans are the most effective.

For years people have been clearing trees and other debris out of the rivers. Turns out that has been leaving CoHo salmon and other fish completely exposed to predators and without any protected place to lay their eggs.

So a landowner came up with an idea to use old Christmas trees to restore some of those protected areas.

Byren Thompson then teamed up with the Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited conservation group to help collect trees and transport them to the waterways near Klootchy Creek State Park.

The first time they did it they said hundreds of salmon flocked to the trees within just a few hours, and they are seeing more and more fish every year.

"It's good for everyone. Fishermen like to catch fish. People like to see fish. People like to see the eagles, people like to see the seals. It's good for everybody," Thompson said.

If you want to hand off your old tree, Trout Unlimited has two collection sites where you can drop off your trees until January 18th.