Now is the time to complete brush, debris burns, Coos forest officials say

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COOS COUNTY -- Now is the time to start removing brush and debris from around your homes, and rainy spring days are the best time to get your backyard burning accomplished, Coos Forest Protective Association says.

"If you do burn, please be safe as debris burning is one of the leading causes of wildfires in southwest Oregon," officials said in a news release.

CFPA encourages residents to complete burning projects as early as possible this spring to take advantage of wet fuel conditions, which helps prevent debris burns from escaping.

CFPA says there are several reasons why debris burns escape control and can lead to safety concerns such as:

• burning in high winds

• not having a safe clearing around their pile

• leaving a debris burn unattended

• not making sure their burn is completely out before piling more debris on the pile

• burning too late into the spring

• burning too large of a pile without having the necessary resources to burn safely

Officials say to keep in mind that any time you burn, you are responsible for maintaining control of your burn.

For burning restrictions inside the city limits contact your local fire department. For more information on fire prevention you can find CFPA on the web at

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