Much needed rain brings relief, road hazards

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- With some much needed light rain falling in parts of the Umpqua Basin and more rain in the forecast for tomorrow, officials want you to know the roads may get slippery.

As a light rain began to fall in the area Wednesday afternoon, we can't help but remember what happens every time the drops start falling after a long dry spell: accidents.

Police and medical crews are usually called out to several accidents during the first rain after a dry period.

The oils that have been collecting in the road are often brought to the surface when the drops start to fall. That, coupled with people who tend to get in the habit of driving a little faster because of the dry roads, sometimes leads to big problems.

Authorities urge people to remember that the roads could become slick over the next day or so, and ask that you drive with extra caution when the rain hits.


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