Midwest weather impacts PDX flights

PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- The extreme weather in the Midwest forced several airlines to cancel flights Monday.

There have been long lines at check in at Portland International Airport, mainly because a lot of people are heading home after the holidays. If you can check in online, and have a carry-on, you have an advantage, and can skip the lines and head to security. Those lines have been long at times, but moving fast.

Alaska check-in was busy, but their flights were all on time and on schedule Monday.

The biggest airline impacted by weather in the Midwest is United. Some fliers leaving Monday were notified of cancellations over the weekend, which had an impact on United's customer service line.

The Derek family, which includes a one month old baby, successfully rebooked their flights to Washington, D.C., with one hiccup.

"We won't be leaving until Wednesday," said J.C. Derek. "But it's okay, I can work remotely, and we're staying with friends."

Monday morning, flights into and out of Chicago O'Hare have been canceled. American, Delta and Southwest also have a few cancellations.

American flier, Claire DeNatale and her husband will spend another night in Portland because of a cancelled flight.

"This is a first for us. We read about it and hear about it on the news, but we've not experienced this," she said.

Check with your carrier for the latest updates.