Lightning sets Eastern Oregon on fire

EUGENE, Ore. - Lightning sparked a trio of large wildfires in tinder dry Eastern Oregon.

The largest fire, Crowley Creek north of the community of Burns, had burned 13 squares miles as of 11 a.m. Wednesday. The fire was burning out of control.

Mark Wilkening of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management told The Associated Press that three ranches are near the fire, with fire equipment standing by. So far, no injuries or damage has been reported.

Wilkening said the wind is topping 30 mph, causing the fire to grow overnight. Normally, he said, fires in high desert grass and sage country tend to slow at night with increased humidity.

He said helicopters have been dumping water on the fire, and a tanker has dropped retardant on it.

The Stockade fire had burned 4,000 acres of brush in Eastern Oregon and is 30 percent contained.

The South Fork fire, southeast of Vale, had burned 250 acres of grass and is burning out of control.