Jefferson County gets new marine patrol boat

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ore. -- The Jefferson County Sheriff's office will soon have a new patrol boat to help marine law enforcement patrolling waterways.

The new patrol boat is a 21-foot River Wild Aluminum boat, manufactured by Liquid Technologies in Grants Pass.

The average age of the current Marine Board boat fleet statewide is 15-years.

The Marine Board developed a procurement and retention schedule similar those used for law enforcement vehicles and is retiring older boats with newer models that require less fuel and maintenance.

The Marine Board's boat replacement program is also intended to match equipment to the specific needs based on the waterbodies being patrolled and the specific types of responses needed.

Jefferson County will receive the River Wild boat for a total cost of $52,449.

The Jefferson County marine program currently has one full-time marine deputy and four seasonal deputies.

Jefferson County has approximately 5.380 surface acres of patrolled water and includes Lake Billy Chinook, Haystack Reservoir, Lake Simtustus, Suttle Lake and the Lower Deschutes River.