'It's pretty chocolate thunder out there to say the least'

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- You may have noticed the high water raging through Douglas County right now.

With all of the percipitation in a short period of time, the water level has risen, but officials say it's not at the flood stage.

And even though we will probably get more rain, the river is not expected to flood, although there is a watch in place.

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Though the water isn't flooding over the banks just yet, officials say it's still dangerous. Dave Williams, the Watermaster, says the rivers look pretty high right now. "It's pretty chocolate thunder out there to say the least," he said. "Some of the smaller tributaries out there in south county and north county, you're going to want to be very aware, because those streams react very quickly to these events, and keep an eye on things."

Williams also advises people to keep an eye out for standing water on roadways.

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