If it washed up on the beach, it may be part of new exhibit

BANDON, Ore. -- Sculptures made out of Styrofoam, plastic and flip flops? It's all on display now in Bandon.

Washed Ashore's new exhibit features giant sculptures made out of ocean debris that you can actually play with.

The exhibit has more than 15 art pieces, some up to 15 feet long.

Angela Haseltine is the executive director of Washed Ashore, and she says the hope is for the exhibit to raise awareness of all the debris that gets washed up on our beaches. "Every plastic piece that's ever been made on the earth is still here, and now there's so much of it it's just coming up on our beaches, it's filling up our landfills," she said. "Really, we're hoping that people will stop and sort of think about the use of plastics and is that really something we really want our beaches to look like this? Nobody does."

The exhibit opened over the weekend and will last for a year at the Harbortown Events Center in Bandon.