Health advisory ongoing at Tenmile Lakes

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- A health advisory issued for Tenmmile Lakes is continuing, with the level of blue-green algae toxin still high.Water monitoring over a month ago showed high levels of a toxin that's harmful to humans and animals. Health officials say they won't test for toxin levels until the algae is visibly gone from the water.So for now, all they can do is wait.The lakes are open for recreation, but officials say to be cautious and don't drink the water. Richard Litts, the watershed monitoring coordinator, says you can usually spot the areas to avoid. "What you want to do is, avoid the real scummy algae areas, and they're easy to see," he said. "It looks like somebody poured paint on the water. When you arrive at your destination and open the doors, don't just fling them open and let your dogs race down to the lake."Litts says his agency is working with the city, trying to prevent contamination in the future.