'Head up to Diamond Lake and get some fishing in'

DIAMOND LAKE, Ore. - Nearly 24,000 legal and trophy-sized rainbow trout are headed to Diamond Lake starting this week to boost fishing at one of Oregon's most popular lakes.

"With the hot weather in Roseburg and Medford, this is a great time to head up to Diamond Lake and get some fishing in," said Laura Jackson, Umpqua District Fish Biologist.

Jackson said the 206,000 fish stocked in 2013 - fingerlings, legals and sub-legals - should all now be in the 12 to 16-inch range.

"They're rainbow trout, they're nice fish," Jackson said. "Summer time is kind of hard for fishing up there because the water temperature is going to be really warm. We didn't have as much snow pack so people might want to fish the deeper water where they start hitting that cooler water and they should get some really nice fish."

Fish stocking has fluctuated over the last several years to try to balance the lake's fishery and ecosystem according to the Diamond Lake Management Plan. Starting this year, ODFW moved to a stabilized stocking of 275,000 fingerlings per year. This may allow better comparison between stocking rates, ecological parameters and angler success.

"We hope anglers will escape the summer heat in the next few weeks and take advantage of this new opportunity at Diamond Lake," said Jackson. "Late August bow hunters may want to throw their fishing pole in with their gear and check out the lake, too. We should have a nice fall fishery."