From Qatar to Winston: Orphan lion cubs join Safari's pride

WINTSON, Ore. - Two lion cubs just losing their baby spots and growing their adult goatees have joined the African lion pride at Wildlife Safari.

Tsavo and Enzi were born to a lioness given to the Sheik of Qatar as a gift.

Unfortunately, their mother died shortly after giving birth June 24, 2012.

The Sheik and his family raised the cubs by hand until they grew too large to keep at home.

The Sheik turned to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Lion Species Survival Program to find a home for the cubs.

Wildlife Safari said their facility was chosen to provide a home for the cubs due to the spacious exhibits and a successful history of breeding other large cats.

"The cubs are doing well and have made a remarkably quick adjustment to their new surroundings," said Sarah Roy, carnivore supervisor at Wildlife Safari.

The best opportunity for people to meet the cubs up-close until they are comfortable enough to be out in the full lion enclosure is to participate in a "Cubs Up Close" Encounter or to attend one of Wildlife Safari's Roars and Snores Adventure Camps this summer.

Wildlife Safari is a 600 acre drive-thru game park located in Winston, Oregon. The park includes a 4-1/2 mile drive-thru section with hundreds of animals from Africa, Asia and the Americas.