Fishermen excited about high salmon prices

CHARLESTON, Ore.- Salmon season started last week and fishermen are pouring into Charleston with high hopes.

The season has been open about a week and fishermen are excited about the high price of salmon.

The plant price for commercial salmon is around seven to eight dollars a pound.

"We're excited about the salmon season that's kind of a trend fish so it brings a lot of curiosity it always brings high hopes, so people come down they want to see the excitement. They want to see the fish coming up the dock," Matt Ledous, President of Fisherman's Wharf said.

This run is expected to be the largest Sacramento River Chinook return since 2005.

There are 1.65 million salmon in the Klamath and 819,000 in the Sacramento River.

It's not only the fishermen who are excited, the entire community is looking forward to the expected boost in tourism revenue.

"It really looks good for the sports fishing. People can plan their vacations and come here and catch fish and it will be great for everybody," Jeff Reeves a local fisherman said.

The season will be open through October 31st with a one week break in August.