First of a kind boat washing station opens in Lakeside

LAKESIDE, Ore. -- It was a project that had support from many groups, everyone from a local watershed council to the state marine board.

Now, in a measure to reduce aquatic invasive species, Tenmile Lakes is home to the first and only boat wash station in Oregon.

State Rep. Caddy McKeown of Coos Bay, highlights the inprtance of boaters using the new facility. "This is the first step in the state in actually allowing our boaters to have an opportunity to wash down as they come in and go out and protect our waterways, it's a very important project."

Local boaters like the wash station that comes at no additional cost to them. "The boaters can come in, they run through here real quick, then they can head out there and it's got to help," said local fisherman Robert O'Brien.

And as long as the boaters use the equipment, officials say it will help.

Glenn Dolphin from the Oregon Marine Board, says it comes down to personal responsibility. "It really just comes to boaters taking responsibility to clean, drain and dry their boats to prevent the spread."

Along with the wash station, officials say education and awareness of clean boating practices are key to preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species in Oregon.