Fire officials: Raging Central Washington blaze started by a cat

Photo from Grant Co. Fire District 13

EPHRATA, Wash. - A fire that destroyed vehicles and outbuildings early Wednesday near the Central Washington town of Ephrata was started by a cat, officials said.

Grant County Fire District 13 officials said the cat somehow sparked the blaze after it climbed up a power pole at about 3:30 a.m. in the 17400 block of Road B NW, just north of Ephrata.

The fire was the second blaze started by a cat in less than a month, the Fire District said.

A fire July 20 that burned through several acres north of an alfalfa field near Road B Northwest and Road 20 Northwest was also started by a cat.

A third fire was recently started in the county after a squirrel tripped a breaker on a power pole.

"While occasionally we experience one of these a year, it's unusual to have three so close together," the Fire District said.

The fire Wednesday morning spread to multiple outbuildings, junk vehicles and a camper which were sitting near an abandoned home.

Responding firefighters were able to prevent the blaze from spreading to other nearby residences.

The fate of the cat was not immediately known.

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