DuneFest revs up local economy

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. - DuneFest is officially under way, with thousands of riders seeking the most fun you can have on sand.

"It's nice and soft when you fall, compared to the dirt where we're from," said visitor Sergio Nunes.

"It's a place to play," Fred Horten said, "and have a good time."

Set on one of the largest dunes on the West Coast, each day is packed with events.

"Going out and riding, and funnel cakes and going out and looking at cool quads and side by sides," Emily Wilson said.

The festivl revs up both engines and the local economy.

"All the hotels are filled, gas stations are 2 and 3 times as busy, people from all over the world come and they have a blast," said Bobby Del Re, who co-chairs the event.

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