DFPA: Just because it rained a little doesn't mean you can burn

The following is a press release from DFPA:

While the Douglas Forest Protective Association appears to have dodged the latest lightning threat, firefighters are still responding to fires. But instead of putting out lightning fires, DFPA is putting out illegal burns.

"We have been getting a lot of reports of illegal fires since the rain hit yesterday" says DFPA Fire Prevention Specialist Kyle Reed. "We have found people burning debris piles, burn barrels, and having camp fires all throughout the county."

Under DFPA's regulated use closure, which remains in effect, all open fires are prohibited. Open fires include campfires, debris fires, charcoal fires, cooking fires and warming fires. The exception to this is that camp fires are allowed in DFPA approved campgrounds.

"Any type of burning this time of year is dangerous" says Reed. "Not only do you have the threat of the fire escaping while you are burning, but if the fire is not 100 percent out when you are done, it could pop up anytime in the near future. This is why we don't allow any backyard burning during the majority of fire season."

While Douglas County did see some rain as a result of yesterday's storm, it was not enough to reduce to fire danger for an extended period of time. In addition, the amount of rain received widely varied throughout the county.

"The heavier amount of rain was farther to the east of us on the Umpqua National Forest, generally where the storm cells tracked" says Reed. "On DFPA protected land, we saw more rain in the south part of the district than the north, but still not a lot."

The following are readings of the amount of precipitation received in the last 24 hours measured by Remote Automated Weather Stations (RAWS) scattered throughout the area:

Silver Butte: .12"
Calvert Peak: .13"
Signal Tree: 0"
North Back Road: 0"
Mt. Yoncalla: .02"
Devils Graveyard: .06"
Buckeye: .63"
Steamboat Ranger Station: .4"
Grandad: 2.43"

For more information about current fire restrictions in effect, visit or call the DFPA information line at (541) 672-0379.