Cougar sightings up in Douglas County

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Officials say cougars are being spotted more and more in Douglas County.

Oregon State Police Senior Trooper Wayne Merritt says a number of calls have been received, and the cougars have been spotted in outlying areas From Hoover Hill outside of Winston to Kruse Farms.

Merrit says the cougars may be following what the deer are doing. "Especially when it's dry like this, they'll start moving down for water," he said. "Cats are going to follow those deer. We're getting more and more cats coming in, we have issues when cats get weened away from their mother."

Merrit says if a cougar is in your yard and you feel it's a threat to you or a property, you have the right to put the cougar down.

But, he says, you are required to call OSP or the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.