Commercial Halibut fishermen get second season Wednesday

CHARLESTON, Ore.-- Commercial halibut fisherman along the Oregon coast will get a second 10-hour window to boost their 2012 numbers this Wednesday.

The International Pacific Halibut Commission says fisherman along the U.S. West Coast did not reach their 150,000 pound quota for the year during last month's 10-hour window.

One fisherman we spoke with says fewer and fewer fishermen are taking part in the 10-hour season, and that is why the number could be down.

"There are a lot less boats participating in the fishery this year," said J.D. Evanow, owner of the Charleston Crab Shack. "I know for some there are at least seven or eight boats that usually fish that fishery and didn't do it this year... The level of participation is what kept the poundage down so it's going to allow them to have another opener."

U.S. West Coast fishermen were 23,000 pound short of this year's quota.