Camp for less: Discovery Season begins at Oregon's state parks

PORTLAND, Ore. - Campers will be now be getting a price break at Oregon's state parks.

Discovery Season, which offers discounted rates through April 30, has officially begun. And with the sunny skies and warmer temperatures still hanging on, there's no better time to enjoy the outdoors.

"The weather has been spectacular across the state lately," Richard Walkoski, an operations analyst with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, said in a news release. "And now, anyone who wants to seize that last bit of summer can do it for a few bucks less per night."

Rates for RV and tent campsites are now $4 cheaper per night. Depending on the location, tent sites are as low as $13 per night and full hookup sites are as low as $16 per night. Some of the specialty sites, like deluxe cabins and yurts, are discounted even more - up to $20 less per night.

Reservations can be made online or by calling Reservations Northwest at 1-800-452-5687.

And what if you head out at the last minute? Not to worry.

"Reserving an RV or tent spot in the fall and winter isn't as critical," Walkoski said. "The option to reserve is always there, but for people who make that last-minute decision, chances are pretty good that they will find a great site."

Note: There is an exception - cabins and yurts require reservations year-round.