Burn ban back off... for now

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) officials have temporarily lifted the burn ban, making it OK for people to set fire to small, safe debris piles.

Kyle Reed, the DFPA's fire prevention specialist, says we have the recent rain and cooler weather to thank. "Basically, we've done that because of the lower temperatures, and the precipitation we've received," Reed said.

Switching between a burn ban and allowing fires is out of the ordinary. "This is a little bit unusual to take the burn ban back off, but with the weather that we have, we feel that it's something we can do safely that's going to benefit everything in the long run."

People do still need to get a permit in order to burn.

Though we have had some cooler, wetter weather, Reed says that the county is still below normal water levels, and adds that we're forecasted for a hot, dry summer, which could make for a dangerous fire season.

He urges everyone to use caution when burning.

No matter what the weather, the ban will go back into effect on July 1.