Bald eagle released back into wild after being poisoned

PORTLAND, Ore. - A bald eagle that was poisoned after feasting on euthanized horses will be released back into the wild on Wednesday.

The Audubon Society of Portland, where the eagle has been recuperating after being poisoned, will release the bird into the woods in Winlock, Wash.

The bald eagle was among seven eagles that became sick after feeding on two horses that had been euthanized with the barbiturate, Euthasol. The other six eagles are being treated at West Sound Wildlife Center in northern Washington, according to the Audubon Society.

Since bald eagles are a federally protected species, federal wildlife authorities are now investigating the poisoning case. Audubon officials called it irresponsible to leave poisoned carcasses in the wild and not properly disposing of the euthanized animals.

To recuperate the animal, the eagle was well hydrated, provided regular meals and kept in isolation to allow the barbiturate worked its way out of its system, Audubon Society operations manager Lacy Campbell said in a statement.