'The last time Oregon saw a storm system like this was back in early April'

“The last time Oregon saw a storm system like this was back in early April," KVAL meteorologist Travis Knudsen said September 13, 2017. FILE PHOTO FROM APRIL 2017: Torrential downpour temporarily beat down on PK Park causing a short delay in the game. The Stanford Cardinals completed their three game sweep of the Oregon Ducks Sunday afternoon (10-4). Stanford had a 3-1 lead in the first inning, and continued to answer each Duck run with their own. There was a rain delay for fifteen minutes at the top of the first inning. Photo by August Frank, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. — Clouds, rain, and below average temperatures return to Oregon Sunday evening and last well into next workweek.

“It’s fair to say this is the first big winter-like storm system out of the summer season,” says KVAL meteorologist Travis Knudsen. “The last time Oregon saw a storm system like this was back in early April.”

Not much rain fell over this past summer.

Mahlon Sweet Field in Eugene reports 1.63” of rain between June 1st and September 13th.

The average for the same period is 3.07”.

That is a difference of 1.44” - nearly an inch and a half of rain.

Douglas County, as well as most Coos County, is also below average for summer rainfall.

“Usually western Oregon gets several summer days where showers and thunderstorms roll overhead dropping beneficial rain. We didn’t see many of those this year,” says Knudsen.

The storm, which originated over Japan, is moving through the Pacific Ocean toward the Gulf of Alaska before turning south and into Oregon and Washington. While just under a week away, Knudsen says this storm has a lot of not-often-seen agreement with extended forecast models.

“Anything 5 days and beyond in a forecast has a lot of uncertainty,” says Knudsen. “In this instance, our extended forecast models are in unusual agreement. It appears this storm will bring clouds, rain and cooler temperatures to the state.”

While agreement exists on the storms arrival, the amount of rain it brings is somewhat unclear. Knudsen says rain totals will vary between 0.25”-1.00”.

“Of course, it’s subject to change but it appears northern locations will get more rain than southern ones,” he says. “But even southern parts of the state, like Medford, will certainly see rain as well.”

In addition to the rain, temperatures should drop significantly. Eugene’s average high temperature on Monday September 18th is 77 degrees. The current forecast calls for highs in the low 60s. A range much more akin to late October than the middle of September.

As the extended forecast looks gray and wet, Knudsen says it does not mean the sunshine and warmer weather is gone for the year.

“Seeing these cold and wet systems in September is not unusual in any way,” Knudsen says. “This storm may stay for 3 to 4 days before moving on. But once it does expect sunshine and much more seasonable conditions to return.”

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