Train crashes into semi towing Styrofoam, one person injured

Train hits semi truck in Vancouver - Clark County Fire Dist. 6 photo

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A passenger train collided with a semi-truck Wednesday in Vancouver when the trailer full of Styrofoam became stuck on the tracks.

One member of the train crew suffered some minor injuries in the crash; they received medical treatment at the scene.

The crash happened about 2:45 p.m. along the tracks at NW 122nd Street. Clark County Fire officials said the train was going about 78 mph at the time.

The truck’s driver tried to call the railroad emergency line to tell them he was high-centered on the tracks, but saw the Amtrak Cascades line train approaching while he was on the phone.

The driver ran and hid behind a signal shack.

Officials closed the tracks to clear the debris; they are working to reopen the intersection as soon as possible. There is some minor damage to the front of the train, but officials said it is operable.

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