Docs: Doomsday prepper stole thousands from drywall company; bought weapons, tactical gear

Lannan Nusbaum (Photo courtesy Polk County)

A survivalist stole more than $12,000 from a drywall company while working part time for them, and used it to purchase weapons and tactical gear to prepare for "doomsday."

Deputies were called to Faville Drywall earlier this month when the owner, Tim Faville, and his son, Jeff Faville, reported thousands of dollars missing from their business. Tim Faville told police he had hired his son-in-law, Lannan Arlon Nusbaum, two years ago to do the books for this business. He would work about 20 hours a week and write himself a check for his work. He was supposed to be paying himself $12 an hour.

Faville told police a vendor had called him about a late payment, and there wasn't enough money in their account to pay it. When they looked into the books, they noticed several unaccounted for transactions.

When a law enforcement officer went to Nusbaum's home to talk to him about the missing money, he explained he had purchased firearms, ammunition and tactical gear. He said he knew it was wrong but he "justified the purchases in his head by thinking that he was helping his family prepare for a disaster."

Documents showed Nusbaum allegedly stole $12,571.38 over a 180-day period.

He's facing aggravated theft charges.

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