Does a Husky hating Duck fan work at PBS?

EUGENE, Ore. - At first blush, the inclusion of the University of Oregon in the PBS NewsHour's "Listen to Me: the College Edition" seems worth reporting in the local media.

But less than 15 seconds into the story, a map of the participating schools begs a different question:

Does some Husky hating Duck fan work at PBS?

The map shows the outline of the State of Washington filled in with green - appropriate, given Washington is the Evergreen State, after all.

But it's the big yellow O atop all that green that might make Husky and Cougar fans toss their tote bags in protest.

They are in good company: everybody knows the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" is ... Wisconsin?

The University of Wisconsin Badgers managed to take over Minnesota, per the map.

In other words, instructors who teach copy editing and graphic designing at the participating universities now have what they like to call a "teaching moment."

Not to badger anyone, but you really can't duck this issue ...