Veteran memorial wall goes interactive

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A memorial wall bears more than just names of local heroes, it has taken the list interactive.

The VFW in Roseburg has one of the first QR code driven memorial walls ever created.

Simply by using a QR code reader app on your smart phone, you instantly have photos, bios and accomplishments of all of the veterans on the memorial.

Michael Eakin, a VFW post commander, says it will be something the whole family can appreciate. "It will bring up two, three, four generations of loved ones and their history and what they did in the war," he said. "You always hear, "Well grandpa, what did you do in the war," or "Dad what did you do in the war?" This right here will bring that information up from now on, which is pretty cool."

The VFW has received tremendous community support, and has room for over 6,000 plaques. "We think that this encompasses war veterans right here, and it's for living or deceased veterans. Not just from Douglas County, but all over the world really."

The idea behind this wall is to better engage the younger generations in veterans history through this interactive technology.

The interactive memorial wall was dedicated Monday.