Social media sites compete for younger users leaving Facebook

EUGENE, Ore. -- After a 10-year climb to the top, Facebook is the leading social media site around the world. In spite of their 757 million daily users, some question how long the media giant will reign supreme.

Several other sites are giving Facebook a run for its money.

"I don't think it will end up like MySpace, just because it fills so many networking roles," said Facebook user Nick Davis.

He's referring to the former leading social platform that was dethroned by Facebook in the late 2000's.

While that may be true, University of Oregon Public Relations professor Kelli Matthews said Facebook isn't exactly the social media choice for the younger crowd.

"If mom, grandma and everyone else are on Facebook, that's probably not going to be your place for day-to-day interaction," said Matthews.

So where are the younger crowds going?

Most likely to one of the thousands of other social media platforms.

A few of the other popular social sites are Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat and Reddit. While they may be popular with the younger audiences, all of these social sites have a long way to go before they overtake Facebook.

The fastest-growing social site (as of 2013) is Instagram, a photo-sharing site where users generate 1.2 billion likes daily.

Part of their popularity is their ability to offer users a unique way of interacting with their friends.

Reddit's 112 million monthly users from around the globe post links on various topics, promoting international anonymous discussion.

A relatively new to the social media scene is Pheed. Co-founder Phil Haus said his site is more focused on people interacting with what they create.

"We're the only platform where people can copyright their content in-application," Haus said. "You have all these notifications coming from all over the place and you're just like wait! I just want to create cool stuff and connect with my friends. It's a clean new slate of awesome ways to create."