North Bend firefighters to receive 'world class training' at Eugene facility

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- The North Bend Fire Department is preparing to send their entire team to a world class training center in Eugene.

Chief Mark Meaker says he already had his own health insurance and the City agreed to use that money to pay for the training.

The two-day trip takes them into a three-story 'burn building' where they practice putting out real life fires.

"We don't have that many fires in our area so to actually get there and see that and be able to work those things out is critical to hone your skills and keep sharp," says volunteer firefighter Matt Ledoux.

"It's a great way to get up and get live fire training in a multimillion dollar facility," adds John Lucero, a firefighter with the North Bend Fire Department. "It's top of the line, high-tech stuff that we just don't get to do around here."

Meaker says it's also an important team-building experience.

The first group of trainees leaves next month.

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