Latest phishing attack uses Better Business Bureau information

BBB phishing email (SBG photo) 

PORTLAND, Ore. - A new phishing attack is using the Better Business Bureau logo on unsuspecting victims.

“It’s not every day that we’re the targets of scams like this. We are always trying to warn people of phishing scams and email scams, and warning people about the latest hacking attacks or cyber breaches. But unfortunately, we are the victims of this one,” said the BBB market place manager Stephen Mayer.

Most of the scam emails say a business violated the “Fair Labor Standards Act” or the “Safety and Health Act.” Attached is a link, Mayer said, that downloads malware on your computer.

“This was just a blanket email that they just sent out to as many businesses as they could find and a lot of them won’t be at risk for violating this type of thing to begin with,” he added.

To determine if the email is fake, just hover your cursor over the link in the email. If the URL that appears doesn't say, don't click it.

“Delete it and even go into your trash folder in your email and delete that again. Just clear it out completely from your computer,” said Mayer.

If you click the link, notify your company's IT department right away. Change all of your passwords. Then, check your bank accounts and credit cards for any fraudulent activity.

“Don’t wait for that monthly statement to show up in the mail, log on right now and check it right away. Do so over the next few weeks,” said Mayer.

If businesses are still concerned about the email, screen shot it and send it to BBB at

“We want to reassure everyone, this is a fake email,” said Mayer. “Nothing else is going on. You are not at risk of violating any fair labor standards or anything like that, that were indicated in those emails.”

Mayer said if your company is ever in a federal violation the BBB, they will contact you directly.

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