Drunk driver who crashed Ferrari sentenced to work release

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Angry protesters promised to march on the Thurston County courthouse on Friday to voice their outrage that a drunk driver who led police on a dangerous high speed chase got off with no jail time.

The protesters say the rules are different for rich people when it comes to jail time for DUI offenders.

A Thurston County judge sentenced Shaun Goodman to just a year of work release for the Dec. 29 drunk driving episode.

In that incident, Goodman led police on a chase through downtown Olympia at top speeds of 100 mph. The chase ended when he crashed his 2000 Ferrari F360 into a parked car and a home. His blood alcohol measured 0.16, twice the Washington state threshold for drunken driving.

During the chase, a passenger in Goodman's vehicle begged him to stop. The passenger later jumped out when the Ferrari slowed down at an intersection.

Goodman eventually pleaded guilty to felony eluding a police officer and DUI, and the judge sentenced him this week to a year of work release, with no jail time.

That has people like Sam Miller ticked off.

"And the judge has said at some point that he's an important businessman in the community, and it wouldn't be fair for him (and) his employees would suffer if he went to real jail. And my question is - what about the people that might suffer if he kills somebody?"

In February, a judge also gave Goodman permission to travel to New York City and attend the Super Bowl while his case was going through the court system.

Even before the high-speed chase, Goodman had six DUI arrests on his record.

The protest is planned for today 3 p.m. Friday at the Thurston County courthouse.