Youth group changes world for Roseburg family

ROSEBURG, Ore. - The group World Changers brought over 200 students to Douglas County for a summer of work projects.

It's their 23rd summer of operation, and these students pay money out of their own pocket to spend the summer helping people.

They are currently staying in Winston Middle School.

Out of the 226 participants, they formed 19 work groups.

One of the groups recently helped a local Roseburg family. Pam Bowman has a 22-year-old son with cerebral palsy and autism.

He's only been able to leave their home ONCE in the last year because it was not wheelchair accessible.

The World Changers are building the family a ramp so that he can get out of the house.

The teens come from all over the US. Six different states and 14 different churches are represented, and they spend all week here in Douglas County helping out local families in need.