'You're not only getting bruises, you're giving bruises'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Jammers. Blockers. They're roller derby positions, that need filled so team members can play the game they love.

Brea VanNorman says she thinks anyone who tries it out will be hooked. "After my first bout I was just in heaven," she said.

VanNorman, who goes by 'Trick hip' during bouts, or derby games, is on the Umpqua Valley Roller Vixens team.

Her friend Heyli 'Bad News' Woodruff is also on the team, and they're looking to fill open spots.

Woodruff says it's hard work, but well worth it. "You're gonna cry or puke at a practice," she said, "that's a given.

Woodruff says the game is not just fun, but also an adrenaline rush. "It's fun to take risks and be scared, and you're not only getting bruises, you're giving bruises, and that's a good feeling."

To play, you have to be at least 18 years of age.

VanNorman says you don't have to know how to play to join.

To find out more about the Roller Vixens, you can visit their Facebook page.