Years of history on display in Canyonville

CANYONVILLE, Ore. -- They were the everyday items our ancestors used day to day: the glasses that carried their their favorite beverages, and the insulators from Civil War era.

They were all on display this weekend, as the Jefferson State Insulator Club held their annual antiques road show in Canyonville.

Though their use seem to have disappeared, it still lives on at the antique bottle and insulator show, where collectors can bring their hidden treasures in to be appraised about the experts.

For Tim Wood, glass insulators have always been his weakness. "The beauty is the first thing, you look at all the colors, and the you begin to notice different shapes," he said.

It's a hobby he's never taken lightly. "I have had as many as 2,000 on display," he said.

Jim Dennis has always been a bottle man. "I have hundreds of bottles," he told KPIC News. "When I get a bottle I like to dig into the history of the item. You know, you can find out so much depending on how old it is."

He says it's all about holding a piece of history in your hand, and wondering who once held it before you.