Wyden visits Sutherlin for town hall, discusses variety of issues

(SBG photo)

SUTHERLIN, Ore. -- Oregon Senator Ron Wyden made a stop in Sutherlin Friday.

Hundreds of Douglas County residents, along with some Sutherlin High School students, were on hand for the town hall.

Wyden took questions from the audience and touched on a variety of topics.

Some said they were worried about healthcare.

"I'll probably burst into tears because I actually count on the Affordable Care Act,” said Lin Woodrich of Elmira. “I could not afford ... I'm retired; I'm on social security. I had to retire early for health reasons so, I need to have the health care."

"This is a great opportunity here for some changes, but it really requires it should be grassroots. It requires people like us to come and participate," said Kent Smith of Yoncalla.

Senator Wyden also talked about the amount of timber money that has been lost in tied up O&C Lands.

"This has been the longest running battle since the Trojan war, folks; we gotta do it,” said Wyden. “We can do it in a way that gets the harvest up in a sustainable manner and protects our treasures. They're not mutually exclusive. That's what we do as Oregonians."

Wyden was scheduled for a town hall in Lakeview Saturday.

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