Woman mixes Brazil, Oregon into her chocolate creations

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A Roseburg woman is cooking chocolate creations inspired by her Brazilian heritage.

Juliana Bounds was born and raised in Brazil, and came to Roseburg 13 years ago.

After college, a career and kids, she was looking for something she could do while staying close to home.

Her company, Cabruca Chocolates was born.

But, for Juliana, it's not just a business. "It's just my way to keep in touch with my own culture," she said.

Mixing flavors like Oregon Hazelnuts with Brazilian Oranges and Cocoa offer customers a multicultural taste. "I try to blend my heritage from Brazil with what I can make with the chocolates here," Juliana said.

That combination has given birth to some unusual flavors. "There are some things that people are not used to, you don't usually blend chilis, Brazilian chilis with chocolate."

Bounds hopes her chocolates will inspire memories. "You're going to eat that very special chocolate in that very special moment and you're never going to forget that."

You can find Juliana's creations at the Cabruca Chocolates Web site.