Woman: Horse, 3 deer found shot in field

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- A woman says her 6-year-old horse named Ace is recovering, after she says someone apparently shot him.

She is also offering a reward for information that will help lead authorities to the person or people who did it.

Shakota Powell says Ace isn't just a horse. "This isn't just some animal hanging out in a field," said Powell, "this is one of my best friends."

Powell says her daughter found Ace wounded in a field near I-5 at milepost 142. "I don't know if they shot at him on purpose or if it was a stray bullet. I just don't know, all we know is he's been shot," Powell said.

Ace wasn't the only animal that was shot. Powell says there were also three deer who were shot and left behind. "There are a lot of people who seem to think that shooting and killing things is OK."

She says the doctor will determine whether or not Ace has to go to Oregon State University for more treatment.