Woman after tornado: 'Roseburg, I miss you and love you'

The tornado in Oklahoma is leaving horrible memories in its wake, including for a former Roseburg resident, who says it sounded like a train coming through a person's house.

Robin Covey, formerly of Roseburg, now lives three miles from Moore. "It felt like it was in my backyard," she told KPIC News. "You could feel the thundering like it was on your skin."

Robin said when the tornado struck, her thoughts turned to her former home. "I thought about coming home to Oregon. It's a lot safer there than it is here," she said. "Roseburg, I miss you and love you."

Covey was in her home when the tornado touched down.

She says she was with her 2-year-old grandson, husband and their pets.

She described the scene as cold, dark and windy.

Covey says people are being advised to stay in their homes until everything is clear.