Windows XP done, county replacing 300 computers

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- County commissioners have approved nearly a quarter of a million dollars for new computers and computer upgrades for Douglas County.

Kevin Potter, the I.T. director for the county, says the need arises from Microsoft closing down support for a popular operating system. "Microsoft has end-of-lifed Windows XP, which has been a common business operating system by most of the world," said Potter.

Without updates, patches or help, the outdated software puts the county at a security risk.

Potter says the state is visiting all counties, urging them to upgrade. "Counties need to eliminate Windows XP or face not being able to interface and connect with the state," Potter said.

Out of 1100 computers in the county, Potter says about 300 of them are set to be replaced, a majority of which are within the Douglas County library system. "It really doesn't change the financial impact or the expenditure amount that the county would normally be spending, we're just consolidating that," said Potter.

Potter says that since the approval was given Wednesday morning, we can expect these computers to be fully operational in about 2-3 months.