Wind blows tree down onto Coquille home

COQUILLE, Ore. -- Strong gusts of wind brought down trees in Coquille Sunday, one of them landing on a house.

Jean Yoakum, that home's owner, said they're just starting to clean up the mess.

At the end of the day, the Coquille family is just thankful that everyone is OK.

The first tree came down on the side of the house where their granddaughter had been playing just a few minutes earlier. "My little granddaughter was kind of nervous about it, and she says, 'Grandma, those trees are just really moving,' and they were just bending down towards the house," she said.

After the first tree fell, the family watched the rest from a distance. "The shock is just, you don't believe it's happening," Yoakum said.

They have to get the trees off the house before they can do an estimate on the damage.

There are still several tall trees surrounding the house, and the family is concerned if the wind gusts pick back up, they could come down on the house.