'We're reminded just exactly how dangerous this work can be'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Local law enforcement gathered at the courthouse Thursday morning to honor fallen heroes for the annual Peace Officer Memorial ceremony.

It was a solemn ceremony, as peace officers assembled to honor and recognize fellow officers who died in the line of duty.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin says it is important for people to remember the people who sacrificed their lives to serve and protect. "People don't often think about that until a tragedy happens," Hanlin said. "Then we're reminded, you know, just exactly how dangerous this work can be."

Sutherlin Police Chief Kirk Sanfilippo says he hopes people will take time to thank those who risk their lives to keep the peace. "Support your local law enforcement," he said. "Support your local public safety professionals in general. Take the time to wave to them, take the time to say hi, take the time to thank them for the job that they do."

It's a job that could potentially claim their lives. "It reminds me of just how vulnerable we are as police officers," Hanlin said, "and, you know, here today gone tomorrow."