'We only like to take in the ones that are truly orphaned'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Injured and orphaned birds have been pouring into the Umpqua Wildlife Rescue, and officials with the volunteer organization are hoping to slow the influx by offering resources to the public.

The group is only cleared to work with native migratory birds. On Wednesday, the group was called out to check on a house sparrow after it had fallen from rafters in a barn.

"We only like to take in the ones that are truly orphaned, like the parents are dead or they're really injured and need our help," said Umpqua Wildlife volunteer Brenda Weber, "Most injuries are either, hit by car, caught by cat, hit a window. Those are normal things that we get in."

Those needing information on how to help an injured or orphaned bird can call the wildlife rescue hotline.