'We heard a gunshot, so we started running'

EUGENE, Ore. - A man with a gun ditched his motorcycle at a fire station and ran onto the grounds of Churchill High School, where he was shot and killed in a confrontation with police Wednesday.

The suspect has only been identified as a 44-year-old white male. He died at the scene.

The officer reportedly suffered abrasion during the incident.

"He was in the middle of a fight to the point where he was requesting emergency cover," Capt. Scott Fellman said. Fellman said the suspect had a gun.

Richard Price said the man shot by police frequented his store, armed with a different weapon.

"Just pretty sketchy looking guy," Price said. "Carried a couple large knives that he carried at the small of his back."

Students at Churchill and Kennedy schools were held inside the buildings during the police action outside.

Once the scene was secure, students were allowed to leave Churchill.

"Student departure from the school has been coordinated just outside the other side of the school," Fellman said.

Churchill student Eva MacAdam called KVAL News after she made it home.

"They were beating each other up really bad, like fist fighting," she said, "and then we heard a gunshot, so we started running and we heard a bunch more shots."

MacAdam said several students were watching from a doorway as multiple shots were fired.

She didn't stick around after the first shot. MacAdam ran to Kennedy Middle School, also in lockdown.

"We were freaking out, and I started crying because they would let us in," MacAdam said. "There was a shooting, you know, they're not going to let two random people into their schools."